Sun’s out!!

Finally SUMMER is here! We all love being out in the sun and we know that sunlight exposure is great for absorbing Vitamin D (needed for good eye health). However, too much light can damage your vision. UV rays are extremely harmful to your eyes in large amounts, and can cause a variety of short and long term problems.

In the long term, UV rays can significantly increase the risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration or retinal damage. To reduce your chances of suffering UV related eye damage, make sure you always wear sunglasses when outdoors for long periods of time. Your sunglasses should have proper UVA and UVB filters, and ideally screen out 75-90% of natural light.

For extra clarity, opt for polarised sunglasses which are also brilliant for reflected glare and for that annoying morning sun which can be dangerous when driving.

Light – sensitive or photochromic lenses are also another good option for UV protection. These lenses darken according to the amount of light around and are particularly useful if you find yourself squinting even on overcast days.

Now is the perfect time to visit the Vision Clinic. We have the latest models from Rayban including the new Clubround model – it’s bold and with an unmistakable profile. We also have the iconic Clubmaster, the timeless Aviator, and the classic Wayfarer models in store too. Nearly all of these can be made up in your prescription so you can look the part as well as see!

The New Rayban Clubround


Attention all parents

Don’t forget to invest in a good pair of sunglasses for your child too – their eyes are just as – if not more – vulnerable to the harmful effects of solar radiation. It is estimated that 80% of lifetime UV damage occurs in the first 20 years of life. This is because children spend more time outdoors and have larger pupils allowing more light to the back of their eyes.

Sunglasses for sports

Protecting your eyes whilst cycling, running or playing golf is important. We have Adidas sunglasses to suit all you MAMILs out there! So why not pop in to  The Vision Clinic to try on our sunglasses? For more information about our sunglass promotion  call 0208 907 5270 or email us on