Learn more about the conditions you could be at risk of developing

Apart from common focusing problems such as short sightedness, long sightedness, astigmatism (due to the eye being oval rather than round) and presbyopia (difficulty in reading after the age of 40), other conditions can affect how well you see.

If you suffer from any eye problems or for early detection of any of the conditions below, book an eye test appointment with our friendly optician who will be happy to explain any eye condition in more detail.

Normal Vision

Common Eye Conditions

Short sightedness

Long sightedness



For more information about the eye conditions below, please visit: www.londoneyeunit.co.uk.

Amblyopia (Lazy eye)



Chalazion (Cyst)


Diabetic retinopathy


Macular degeneration


Red eye

Retinal detachment


Vein occlusions

Watery eyes

For eye problems needing more specialised medical help, a key part of our service is to offer fast-track access to our own network of private consultant ophthalmologists at the London Eye Unit whenever needed.