We regularly invest in the latest technology to provide you with the most thorough eye exams

Retinal photography

Retinal-photography-230Our optician takes detailed photographs of the back of the eye with a digital retinal camera which gives an enhanced view of the optic nerve and blood vessels. This allows conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and high blood pressure to be detected. It also means that any changes that occur at the back of the eye, with time, can be monitored much more easily.

Visual field analyser

The field of vision (how well you see in the periphery) can be affected by several conditions including glaucoma, strokes and multiple sclerosis. Our optician uses the Humphrey HFA visual field analyser to map your field of vision. This is the same instrument used in hospital eye clinics and is widely considered to be the gold standard in detecting visual field loss.

We are a DVLA approved practice and often have patients referred to us for field testing to ensure that they are safe to drive.

Eye pressure measurement

Raised eye (intraocular) pressure is a risk factor for glaucoma. Your previous optician may have used an instrument that “blows a puff of air” on the eye. This can make you jump and is not the most comfortable of tests. At the Vision Clinic we use an ICARE tonometer which is MUCH gentler – almost zen-like!

Slit lamp biomicroscope

slitThis instrument is used to carefully examine the front of your eyes. Conditions such as dry eyes, infections, allergies, inflammation and cataract can be diagnosed and monitored. The microscope is used extensively in fitting contact lenses. Our optician also uses special lenses with the instrument to check the retina to judge the height and depth of structures.

Prescription assessment

1742-Prescription-assessment.png-1You may well have had your eyes examined with the old chart on the wall and those really uncomfortable heavy frames that you’re made to wear during your test.  Well, say goodbye to all of that!  At The Vision Clinic your vision assessment will be performed on a computerised test chart. The big advantage is you’ll never memorize the letters because they’re randomised and there are special charts for children too!  Not only that, our optician uses the latest computerised phoroptor which means no more heavy frames. Your nose and composure remain intact!

Using a phoroptor, the lenses change according to an electronic touch screen!  This means your vision will be measured with comfort and precision.  Tanveer can also show you the difference between your new prescription and the last prescription at the click of a button so you can actually see the improvement before updating your glasses.