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eye-lensesChoosing your new frames is an important decision isn’t it? You want to look and feel great in your new eyewear, but your glasses are only as good as the lenses you put in them. For that reason you want a wide range of options available to you so you’re guaranteed lenses that suit your requirements.

At The Vision Clinic we appreciate that no two pairs of eyes are the same. We therefore supply various types of ophthalmic lenses to help create the perfect eyewear for you. We can demonstrate how these lenses will benefit you using special software programs that are displayed on our in house IPADs.

Our range of prescription lenses include:

Computer lenses

These lenses are particularly beneficial for those who use VDU screens (computers, televisions, etc.) regularly, which can result in eyestrain and/or headaches.

Photochromic lenses

if you’re light sensitive these lenses are ideal. They darken according to the light they are exposed to outdoors and fade again once indoors.

Thinner, lightweight lenses

Modern, high index materials mean that these lenses are ultra-thin and light; great for those with a high prescription.

Polycarbonate lenses

These lenses are ten times stronger than standard plastic lenses making them ideal for children, DIY, sports and any other activities that require extra protection.

Varifocal lenses

if you require both near and distance vision correction varifocal lenses are perfect for you. They correct your eyesight at every distance in one smooth blended lens (unlike bifocals which have an unsightly line). We dispense the latest award winning lenses from BBGR including the Intuitive varifocal lens which is the only lens on the market that takes into consideration how right handed and left handed wearers read and write.

Coatings can be applied to your spectacle lenses to further enhance your vision.

Scratch resistant coatings

This prolongs the life of plastic lenses.

Anti-reflective coatings

This coating will provide clearer vision, reduce glare and allow your eyes to be seen more clearly. This is a recommended coating for computer users.


Tints will make your vision more comfortable and are often applied to make a fashion statement.

UV filters

Protect your eyes from excessive exposure to ultra violet light which can damage your eyes.

Blue light filters

Protect your eyes against harmful blue-violet light.

At our opticians you can look forward to creating a completely unique look with lenses specifically selected to satisfy your vision requirements.

*Under European legislation you are entitled to an eye examination and VDU spectacles paid for by your employer. At The Vision Clinic we perform eye examinations that include advice about VDU ergonomics and spectacles appropriate for VDU work. We also accept Eye Care Vouchers.