Sleep and see with EyeDream!

Imagine waking up to clear, comfortable vision in the morning without the need to wear specs or contact lenses during the day. Well imagine no more… introducing   EyeDream lenses.

EyeDream overnight contact lenses correct your vision whilst you sleep and are the perfect alternative to laser eye correction, daily contact lenses and specs. You simply remove the custom lenses upon waking and enjoy a world of clear, natural vision throughout the day. Click here  to find out more.

EyeDream is safe and effective and has transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world.

EyeDream for children

Myopia control

EyeDream can reduce the progression of short – sightedness in children.

Active Lifestyle

EyeDream offers children the freedom and confidence to swim, play sports and enjoy an active lifestyle without the restrictions of specs or contact lenses.

Meet Rohan Varsani – one of our favourite clients. He’s short – sighted and Tanveer, our senior optometrist recently fitted him with a pair of EyeDream lenses. This what he has to say about his experience with EyeDream:

His mum Leena said:  “EyeDream has been a game changer for Rohan. It has given him the freedom to participate in various sporting activities without the need for glasses or lenses.  The ease at which he has adapted to wearing them has taken me by surprise. Highly recommend for those considering them for their children.”

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