The Vision Clinic’s Yemen Appeal

On August 1st  2020, Tanveer celebrates 30 years as an optometrist looking after the sight  of the many lovely clients of The Vision Clinic.  It had been her intention to celebrate  with a party inviting our long – standing customers for cakes and soft drinks. But then her cousin, an optometrist who works with the Zahra Trust charity sent her this link about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen:

It made her cry. So instead of having a party let’s save lives together. The Vision Clinic is going to donate the money that was going on cupcakes to saving lives in Yemen. It would be amazing if you could join in!

Many of you have generously supported Tanveer in the past when she ran marathons raising funds for the Zahra Trust, UNCHR and Fight for Sight. Just £5 provides a food parcel that can feed a family of seven for a month. By raising £15,000, the lives of thousands of Yemeni children can be potentially saved…

Here is the link:

Please donate and save lives. If Captain Tom did it for the NHS, then Optom Tan and the wonderful clients of The Vision Clinic can too!

P.S. Tanveer will  run a half marathon in Regent’s Park when we reach our target!