Have your contact lenses fitted at the practice that won ‘Contact Lens Practice of the Year’

img 550Contact lenses are liberating! They help you to see clearly while you show off your eyes. They are comfortable and convenient and nearly everyone can wear them.

If you are looking for a trustworthy optician to fit you with contact lenses, even if it’s your first time using them, then look no further than our practice. Thanks to the care and skill we invest in fitting our clients with contact lenses we won the prestigious Contact Lens Practice of the Year Award in 2004.

Applying and removing contact lenses

At The Vision Clinic we supply a wide range of contact lenses to suit your needs. These options include:

Daily disposable lenses

These offer the convenience of no lens care and the comfort of fresh, new lenses every day. You simply bin the lenses at the end of the day.

Toric soft lenses

This type of lens corrects astigmatism, offering excellent vision and comfort. They are also available in daily disposable form.

Bifocal and Varifocal lenses

Just like spectacle lenses, these contact lenses allow you to enjoy clear, natural vision at all distances.

Coloured lenses

These allow you to change or enhance the colour of your eyes. They can be fitted with a prescription and be worn by those who do not need vision correction.

Extended wear lenses

Lenses that can be worn safely for 24 hours a day for up to 30 days.

Gas permeable lenses

Rigid lenses that may take a little longer to get used to, but provide excellent vision, especially for astigmatism.

Standard soft lenses

Designed for up to one years’ use and generally easier to handle due to their durability.

ACUVUE_PLAQUE217The Vision Clinic is a recognised Acuvue Centre of Excellence because we are highly experienced in fitting the Acuvue range of soft UV absorbing contact lenses.

We also offer a full, regular aftercare service called Lensplan to ensure your contact lenses are comfortable and trouble free at all times. For more details about Lensplan click here.