Don’t just take our word for the wonderful experience you’ll have at The Vision Clinic

Here are just some of the testimonials we’ve received from our loyal clients, and we promise we didn’t bribe them!

 “We initially chose TVC because of its location. However, 20 years on we are still with TVC despite having moved to the coast. We are treated like family; it’s always lovely to catch up with the team. The examination is thorough and professional. The clinic has moved with the times and kept up with new advances. Orders arrive within good time, and the products we’ve received have stood the test of time. The service is impeccable and friendly.”

Amrit Kaur

 “The Vision Clinic was recommended by our GP. We are impressed by their know-how and technical excellence combined with a very friendly personal service. My wife and I spent 22 years in Germany in 2 different cities and were looked after by 2 leading ophthalmic opticians. Later we spent 4 years in Tokyo and were clients of a highly recommended optometrist. With The Vision Clinic we have experienced the same technical excellence and aftercare.”

James Lockhart

 “I chose Vision Clinic as it was convenient, then found them very friendly and very professional. I now live 20 miles away and would not go anywhere else.”

Fred Heels

“I have had eye test consultations at two other opticians before the initial one at The Vision Clinic. I could not believe the difference between these experiences. The whole approach and span of tests used at The Vision Clinic was beyond compare. I understand so much now about vision and no longer take it for granted. I am especially grateful for the early discovery of a distortion and referral for correction instigated by The Vision Clinic. Having yearly eye scans is just one of the many services offered and for which I am grateful. I would strongly recommend The Vision Clinic to anyone wishing for a first class service and experience in caring for their eyes.”

Gloria Dockwray

 “I had been wearing spectacles for a couple of years and was keen to try contact lenses. A colleague recommended The Vision Clinic based on her personal experience and I soon learned that they were awarded UK Contact Lens Practice of the Year, I immediately made an appointment and have been going to The Vision Clinic for over 10 years now.”

Reinette Hampson

“The past year has seen some problems with my eyes which have been very upsetting and worrying. I had to make several trips to an eye hospital in London after The Vision Clinic checked my concerns first. Each visit to the hospital had been less than satisfactory. It is The Vision Clinic’s genuine concern and intervention that has helped to manage my condition. All the advice and treatment given to me has been more effective and reassuring compared to the hospital. My symptoms are still present, but not as bad as previously. What has happened to my eyes and how I am managing has only made sense due to The Vision Clinic’s knowledge.”


 “It is a very friendly practice. Jabir and his Mum are always very professional and Tanveer is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Whenever I have had problems with my lenses she has always tried to find a solution that works better for me. Because it is a family run practice there is no staff turnover. All three of my children feel comfortable coming to The Vision Clinic. Tanveer has always been excellent with them. I have not been to a different optician for years because I know I would not get the same level of service.”


“It is all about quality of care and professionalism – the test is thorough and conducted in a friendly manner and the individual attention in selecting the appropriate eyewear is second to none. Great service – check it out!”


 “The Vision Clinic was recommended by a good friend and is a 100% improvement from my previous optician. The Vision Clinic operate the most modern of testing equipment by friendly qualified opticians. I now have perfect vision, both distance and near. The glasses are smart, lightweight, state of the art and good value.”


 “I used to live locally, but have since moved to Hampshire, but still drive back for my 3 monthly check-ups. Alongside their expertise, I like the friendly, family approach to the practice.

 “Nothing is too much trouble; it’s more like visiting old friends than just being a number visiting a branch of a large chain of opticians. The personal touch has been really important to me, when a naevus was found behind my eye.”

Linda S

 “We have been clients of the Vision Clinic team for over 20 years. My husband introduced me to them when I first needed an optician shortly after we married and they have taken care of our eyesight and our children’s (who are now grown up) ever since. We like the fact that it is an independent optician practice and run by a family you always see the same people and this is very reassuring.

 “The contact lenses service is very convenient and my husband and I both use it. We have very busy lives and the great thing is that you are prompted when to come for an eye test and then your lenses are delivered every three months it is so straightforward.”