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Your ultimate guide to ski goggles for winter sun

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s time to break out your ski gear! But before you hit the slopes, it pays to look after your eyes with ski goggles. Read on to explore our ski goggles guide to learn why new ski goggles should be at the top of everybody’s wish list this season and how you can keep your vision comfortable and clear while skiing – whatever your budget or style may be!

Why do you need to protect your eyes from the sun during winter?

Winter may be a beautiful time of year, but it comes with its challenges. The days get shorter, meaning the sun sits lower in the sky and shines intensely, which can be as harmful to your eyes as the summer sun. Protecting your eyes during winter is crucial, and here’s why: snow acts as a mirror reflecting up to 80% of UV radiation straight into your eyes, which can lead to painful eye conditions that you definitely want to avoid. If you plan on hitting the slopes for a winter getaway, keep in mind that as you climb to higher altitudes, the amount of UV exposure increases. Additionally, the atmosphere is thinner and cannot effectively block the rays, so investing in protective eyewear is a must for these conditions.

What effect does sun damage have on your eyes?

Did you know that the harmful effects of the sun can extend beyond sunburn and premature ageing? Sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays can also potentially lead to eye conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, eye cancers and even snow blindness! Direct exposure to sunlight over time can cause damage to your macula, which is responsible for your central vision, resulting in macular degeneration. Even snow blindness, also known as photokeratitis, can occur due to direct exposure to sunlight or spending long periods of time in the snow without proper sun protection. This condition causes your eyes to become overly sensitive, watery, red and painful. So, next time you’re having a winter wonderland adventure or skiing in the mountains, don’t forget to protect your eyes!

How to protect your eyes from the sun with Zeal Optics

If you’re planning on taking part in snow sports this winter, it’s important to take care of your eyes. One way to do this is by wearing ski goggles or sunglasses in a wraparound style. These provide full coverage against UV rays and glare. However, it’s not just about the goggles and shades – you should also choose the right type of lenses for them to ensure the best vision possible.

That’s why we stock Zeal sunglasses and ski goggles – the sister company of the award-winning Maui Jim eyewear. Our patients, who are avid skiers, swear by Zeal’s products, and for good reason. With the belief that technology changes everything, Zeal uses the most effective optical technology to deliver you the best visual clarity and sharpness. Zeal ski goggles are particularly impressive, going above and beyond everyday boundaries with three different lens options available. And the best part? Each of Zeal’s lens collections is designed to be suitable for every weather condition, so you can hit the slopes with confidence regardless of the forecast.

Zeal lens technology

Zeal Optics has three outstanding lens collections for their ski goggles:

  • Optimum – The foundation of all Zeal lenses, Optimum is built with complete protection from UV rays, with Everclear Anti-Fog, Permashield Hardcoat and optimal colour filtration for enhanced clarity.
  • Optimum Polarized – This lens features the same combination of clarity and contrast as the Optimum lens, with a premium Japanese polarised lens film for a glare-free view. Designed to block reflected light and filter 95% of HEV light, these lenses also mitigate eye fatigue and decrease the threat of long-term eye damage.

Optimum Polarized Automatic+ – Zeal’s Automatic+ lenses are the best lens option for every weather condition.  Utilising all the features of the Optimum Polarized lens, the Automatic+ lens range also uses a combination of polarisation and photochromic technology, adapting to light conditions in under 10 seconds while providing protection from glare. They’re your one-stop shop for UV protection and clear vision for your snowy adventures.

Image source: @zealoptics

Zeal frame features

In addition to their advanced lens technology, Zeal has also developed some incredible frame designs and features. The fit of a frame, like lenses, can influence your performance so it’s important to find a pair of goggles that are comfortable, don’t slip provide you with a clear view of your surroundings.

All Zeal ski goggles feature upper and lower vents with moisture-wicking fabric to regular airflow and ensure your goggles don’t fog up. The triple-layer face foam and no-slip grip offer a perfect fit for all-day comfort that won’t slip or slide, even if you’re wearing a helmet or beanie, while the dual strap system offers extra security to keep your goggles in place.

Zeal offers not only frame features but also incredible technology like Observation Deck Technology. Inspired by air traffic control towers, Zeal has created a goggle system that provides an eagle’s view of the mountain, enabling you to see everything below. Additionally, if you’re seeking goggles that allow easy lens switching, the Rail Lock System will undoubtedly catch your attention. With its rimless frame design and dual sliding rail system, you can effortlessly slide and lock your lens in place, no matter where you are.

Image source: @zealoptics

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Don’t let the winter sun stop you from enjoying your favourite sports this season; take care of your eyes this upcoming and invest in a pair of Zeal polarised sunglasses or ski goggles. Find yours at our Opticians in Kenton or Opticians in Baker Street. You won’t regret it!